Joanne Faris Music Studio


VOICE LESSONS are available for all ages and talents. Students are offered the opportunity to performs at Senior's Homes, in the Rotary Festival, and at the March Recital. RCM examinations are offered, as well as preparation for university studies.

Joanne has also had exceptional results with "tone deaf" monotone singers who have all been able to learn to successfully sing in tune.

PIANO LESSONS are available for all ages. All types of piano are offered from the popular ipad app, Piano Maestro, to the graded Royal Conservatory Program. Festival preparation and performances are also offered to interested students, as well as non-competitive, student-led musical training. Joanne also offers the Accelerated Piano Lab which is a unique modern approach to learning with exceptional results!

GUITAR/UKULELE for all ages. Notes, tabs, chords, picking and strumming, as well as theory and playing by ear are taught.