Joanne Faris Music Studio

Fees and Studio Information

STUDIO LOCATION:  The studio is located at 44828 Fruit Ridge Line, at the corner of Yarmouth Centre Road. This studio offers a Yamaha Grand Piano, Roland Digital Piano, an additional acoustic piano in a student practice room for students to use before or after lessons, and 4 Yamaha Digital Pianos for the Accelerated Program. There is also a parent waiting room.

LESSON FEES: Lessons run from September to June. Fees are due 4 times per year in September, November, February, and April. The fee for each installment is $189 (9 lessons). Cash, cheques, and e-transfers are welcome. New students may start anytime during the year and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

CANCELLED LESSONS:  There are no refunds for missed lessons. If adequate notice is given, students may request a make up lesson.  

HOLIDAYS: There are no lessons during the Christmas Break or March Break, on the Thanksgiving, Easter, and Victoria Day Weekends (Saturday or Monday), or on Halloween, Family Day, or Good Friday. 

SUMMER LESSONS are offered to interested students on a more flexible schedule to accommodate family vacations and summer activities.  Many students find that summer is an ideal time to devote to music with less activities to compete for their time.  Others like to keep up their music studies throughout the summer on a more relaxed schedule, so they retain what they have learned through the year and start further ahead in September. Summer might also be a good time to learn a new instrument, or study a different kind of music.